1. Voting’s open for the 2014 GISP Map Contest People’s Choice Award and my entry ‘Virginia: Bridges of the Commonwealth’ is a finalist. [Entry 1]

    The poster contest required the use of the 2013 National Bridge Inventory data. I decided to represent my home state, and provide a look into the 13,694 bridges in Virginia. The map was created entirely in ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.

    GISP is  ’Geographic Information Systems Professional’, a certification for those with careers in all aspects of mapping.

    To vote, send an email to info@gisci.org and specify ‘Map Contest Vote’ in the subject line.

    Congrats to all who entered, and the other finalists.

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    Voting Ends Next Week!
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    wow, great job!
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    I just voted for Jonah’s map. Amazing job! Another great one is Bridges Across America by Evan Sepa.Good luck to...
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    Vote for Jonah.
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