1. Had a great week at the #esriuc !! Lots of cool things to be seen:


  2. High Res Views Of My 6 Maps At The #esriuc Map Gallery This Year.


  3. "Amazing-er" #ucselfie Part 2 From My Amazing-er Maps Lightning Talk At The #esriuc Open Source Lunch & Learn


  4. Pic From My #esriuc Lightning Talk Last Night


  5. Epic Selfie From The Stage During My Lightning Talk


  6. 1 Cartographer, 6 Maps, #esriuc Map Gallery


  7. Voting’s open for the 2014 GISP Map Contest People’s Choice Award and my entry ‘Virginia: Bridges of the Commonwealth’ is a finalist. [Entry 1]

    The poster contest required the use of the 2013 National Bridge Inventory data. I decided to represent my home state, and provide a look into the 13,694 bridges in Virginia. The map was created entirely in ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.

    GISP is  ’Geographic Information Systems Professional’, a certification for those with careers in all aspects of mapping.

    To vote, send an email to info@gisci.org and specify ‘Map Contest Vote’ in the subject line.

    Congrats to all who entered, and the other finalists.


  8. Downtown Norfolk Transit Network (Draft)

    For fun last year, I did a transit map version of my Noland Trail map. Since then I’ve really wanted to do a real transit map, but unfortunately I live in one of the most transit-boring regions of the U.S..

    The main focus is the new light-rail line (The Tide), and it’s connectivity with the existing bus transportation system. I was excited that light-rail was coming to the region, and bummed when I saw the map. I guess I’m spoiled by all the great work on transitmaps . Included on this map is the new Amtrack NE Regional train which originates from the downtown area,  Greyhound Bus routes, and all of the connecting arterial bus routes.

    Bottom line and the point to all my side projects - had fun creating, learning and expanding my skillset, on another (local) map project.


  9. Working On Some Maps For The esri User Conference Map Gallery.


  10. Checking Out The ArcGIS Professional Beta. Imported A 2d Project For 3d Visualization/Comparison.

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